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About New Horizon Academy

New Horizon Academy is situated at the center of the Bhutanese refugee camp in Morang districts, which is one of the seven refugee camps in the estern Nepal. This academy is started and established by purely Bhustanese staffs with very low incentives. Buhtanese refugees are languishing in the camp in a very pathetic conditions due to the government of Bhutan who is in fear that one day these people might rule the country. Read more about Bhutanese Refugees ...

There are twelve (12) schools in this camp. In seven of them, there are classes from Pre-primary to Class III, in four of them, there are classes from class IV to VII, and in the center, main school, we have students from class VII to X.

Our basic educational needs are provided by UNHCR and CARITAS Nepal; no other facilities are given for other activities. Our students' foremost needs are sport materials such as footballs, volleyballs and badmintons. There are no other source of entertainment, which leads to frustration and quarrel.

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The main objective of the academy is to educate the Bhutanese children, make them aware of the importance of education, so that they will develop a sense of nationality and patriotism. The main goal is "Education for Repatriation".

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Subjects Taught

Here, we teach different subjects like, English, Nepali, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Health and Population, Value Education and Vocational subjects. Other co-curricular activities like quiz, cultural programs, sports and games are also held, but due to lack of materials, we cannot do it often.

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School Population

Number of Girls: 3443
Number of Boys: 4144
No. of students studying in Pre-primary: 4904
No. of students in Primary level: 1680
No. of students in Secondary level: 1003
Total no. of students: 7587
Total No. of teaching staffs: 191(145 Male and 46 Female)

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